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TEN-PRO is an organisation armed with innovative ideas for helping young tennis players (U10 up to and including U16) develop an optimal preparation for an eventual tennis career on the professional tennis circuit. Success in the future starts with investment in the youth of today! Our personal experience has shown us that there is still a lot of ground to be covered when it comes to international tennis experience for (young)players.

As from the age of 12, there is a relatively clear-defined path that talented youth players have to follow if they want to reach the top levels in their sport. We at TEN-PRO feel that a very important aspect of this journey is about gaining international tennis experience at an early age. At present, there are hardly any organised international tournaments for players under the age of 12 and thus very little opportunity for young talented players to prepare themselves for the international circuit later on in their careers. The few international tournaments that are organised do not meet the standards that should be expected for talented youth players.

In addition, it is an expensive experience to play an international tournament where losing after one or two matches means you can go home again. TEN-PRO guarantees players a minimum of four and a maximum of eight matches a week. As a result, the travel and accommodation costs are relatively low and maximum experience can be gained by playing so many matches.

At TEN-PRO we see this short-coming as an opportunity! We believe that to have a chance in being successful, youth players cannot start soon enough in accumulating valuable international experience. Having the opportunity to play against the best youth players from all over the world allows these talented players to learn from each other and as a result can help them to advance to the next level.

TEN-PRO’s main goal is to unite the best youth players (U10-U16) from all over the world. We believe that by bringing the world’s top players together on the same stage that they will gain valuable experience that is otherwise not easy to find at the moment. Think of the high quality aspects of tennis that will be experienced such as different insights into new training methods, match strategy, sport nutrition and education. Also think of how much the players can learn from the different cultural mentalities and diverse emotional challenges that the players will face on the international tennis stage. In the right setting, these opportunities provide an enormous learning experience for the players. Every different country and region from which the players originate has something new and different to contribute. This cultural ‘coming-together’ will bring new insights into the world of youth tennis and will contribute to an even more complete picture upon which certain important choices can later be based.

TEN-PRO’s aim is to bring together the above mentioned experiences into a few specific moments through organising international tournaments for talented youth players from the world over. We believe that by doing so we are creating something unique for the world of youth tennis. TEN-PRO brings yearly together the best youth players from around the world in 14 international youth tournaments in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Swiss, Egypt, Greece, Serbia, Georgia, Dubai, Finland, Australia and the US.

As well as focusing on the exchange of cultural experiences, TEN-PRO also organises its tournaments using a UNIQUE FORMAT. All participants play a guaranteed minimum of four or eight matches, regardless of whether they win or lose and always at their own tennis level. Besides that TEN-PRO is the first worlwide series of junior tournaments to announce “On-court coaching”. For a detailed explanation of our tournament format please see “Information TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour”.

Our selection process for the tournaments is also unique in that players are not only selected based on their actual ranking but also on their ‘total-picture’. In other words, selection is also based on a player’s physical condition, the attitude and commitment of the parents and coaching team, the type and amount of training hours, as well as, where and by whom the player is trained.

At this young age, it is essential that parents stay involved in the development of their children’s tennis careers. This is the reason why Ten-Pro also focuses on actively involving parents during the tournaments it organises. This is achieved through an on-going exchange of information between parents and Ten-Pro as well as on a continual exchange of ideas and opinions.

TEN-PRO is convinced that a lot can be achieved to optimise the development of the top youth players (12 & under) through the implementation of the above mentioned ideas and is convinced that it has developed an idea that greatly contributes towards a very important development phase in the formation of the tennis stars of tomorrow!

The key to our success is the bringing together of the right people to gain valuable practical, cultural and mental tennis experience through the organisation of high quality tournaments! In addition, TEN-PRO uses the latest video technologies at its tournaments such as Playsight and Zenniz, among others. UTR points (Universal Tennis Rating) can also be earned at all TEN-PRO tournaments.

*As of January 2015,  67 tournaments have successfully been played in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Swiss, Egypt, Greece, Serbia, Georgia, Dubai, Finland, Australia and the US. With a selection of 4,000 players from 136 countries on 5 different continents, the TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour has become one of the largest and most strongly represented series of tournaments in the world for players born in the age category U10, U11 & U12.

*Due to worldwide interest from players in the age category up to U16 to play our tournaments we have extended our age groups from U12 to U13, U14, U15 and U16.

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