Players briefing

  1. Dress code is applicable. Mind the correct tennis wear.
  2. Warming up for 5 minutes.
  3. Clearly indicate when a ball is out of play. Play fair and only grant the ball when you are certain that it is over the line.
  4. The server loudly shouts the current score of the game before the start of the service.
  5. Update the scoreboards from top to bottom. So work towards the set.
  6. Mind the breaks (20, 90 and 120 seconds, no break after the first game in a set).
  7. All matches will be played for 2 won sets, a tie break will be played with the score at 6-6

By the score 40:40 (deuce) Sudden Death Point will decide it winner of gem, the returner chooses the side.

  1. On-Court coaching:

On-Court coaching is allowed during the tournament (in the practice this means coach or parent  is allowed to come on court during a changeover once per set, only at the end of a set, maximum of 2 minutes).

For the rest of the match verbal or gesticulated coaching during the match is not permitted and can lead to violation of the rules (SPS: violation of the rules, coaching outside On-Court coaching time).

  1. Toilet break: you are entitled to 1 toilet break, to be taken after the set (reasonable time span) and only with the permission of the supervisor. During the match you are not allowed to have a toilet break because you will not be able to be back in time. When you decide to go “in your own time” after all, you run the risk of violation of the rules (by exceeding the time limit) due to unreasonable delay.

Note: do not make it a habit to have a toilet break after the 1st set. This can work to your disadvantage. Visit the toilet before the game!!

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