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Available for testing at our next tournament “Stars of Tomorrow”!

The life-long partnership between Wilson and Roger Federer entered a new chapter this month with the recent unveiling of the new Pro Staff RF97 racket. It was a historic moment, as it was the first time that Roger was involved in every step of the design process of his racket. Roger said that it had been his dream since he was a kid to create his own tennis racket.
The story of the new design is all about the details. The minimalistic, yet bold “tuxedo” look was chosen to convey style, confidence and class. Wilson developed a new, velvety-matte paint that feels great in a player’s hand. It’s a cosmetic process that has never been done before in tennis rackets. The laser-engraved Pro Staff logo on the throat of the racket, combined with the gloss paint used at 3 and 9 on the face of the racket, make this creation a thing of beauty!
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