Participation fee



Entry fees:

STAY AT PGA HOTEL AND PLAY THE TOURNAMENT FOR FREE! * only by direct booking through Ten-Pro.

The entry fee is € 130,00 ($ 150,00) per participant (per category). For registration in the second category you have 10% discount (means € 120,00 or $ 135,00).

If you are staying at PGA Hotel (with a minimum of 5 nights and only by direct booking through Ten-Pro) then is your entry fee FREE! * for participation in one category. For registration in the second category you have 10% discount.

Note 1: If you are staying at PGA Hotel but is not booked through Ten-Pro then for you also apply standard entry fees.

Note 2: In case of multiple participants staying in one/same PGA guestroom then is your entry fee FREE only for one player (For registration in the second category you have 10% discount) For all other players from the same PGA guestroom apply standard entry fees.

Resort fee:

For the players who are not staying at PGA, resort fee is required, one-time payment of $ 50,00 USD for the whole tournament (Incl. unlimited use of swimming pool, wi-fi, auto parking, training tennis courts, use of special offers and promotions of PGA, and much more..) and must be paid on site.

Participation is only possible if the parent/guardian agrees to the method of payment and that the payment is made to TEN-PRO within one (1) week after being requested.

Payment & final participation at KRIEK CUP by TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour

At the moment an individual player has received via e-mail a confirmation for playing this tournament, a participation fee amounting € 130,00 ($ 150,00 USD) is due (per category). For registration in the second category you have 10% discount, means € 120,00 ($ 135,00). This amount has to be paid within 7 days after the confirmation mail, into the Ten-Pro bank account:

IBAN                                          :NL 29 ABNA 0437634647

BIC CODE                                 :ABNA NL2A

COMPANY NAME                  :TEN-PRO

ADDRES                                    :VAN DEVENTERWEG 50, 6861 EX OOSTERBEEK, NETHERLANDS



Please note that the Kriek, name, date of birth and the country of player origin has to be mentioned in the payment description.

Registration in the tournament is only final upon receipt of your payment into our bank account. A definitive confirmation of participation will follow by e-mail.




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