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18/05/2020 – Diana Voicu

Thank you all for organising this event, it was definitely quite a challenge for us and we did enjoy it.
You are doing a great job with the tournaments, both the real and the virtual and we do hope to see you very soon for a real tournament when all this nightmare goes away.
Take care and all the best from us,
Diana and Sofia

18/05/2020 – Peter Moloney

Thank You

Jack has really enjoyed the tournament and we certainly will never forget it   He has learnt so much about Ten-Pro and now feels part of it and is really excited as we all are to meet Goran and the team in person.

Thank you very much


18/05/2020 – Zen Singh

Dear Ten-pro virtual team,
Thank you for being the administration and organisation behind both the virtual tournaments during lockdown.  I’m sure it’s not been easy.

Aryan has really enjoyed both the tournaments. I know he has flooded your inbox with numerous video emails daily – he was afraid they were not going through.

You’ll have been so prompt in all your replies and instructions. And follow up’s. You’ll have just done such a fantastic job.

The whole idea to keep the children engaged during lockdown was genius. All the tennis kids would be missing being on court, just like Aryan is And being able to stay connected to the sport has been so beneficial to their mental health.
Winning such an incredible prize in the second tournament was just an added bonus.

Just wanted to thank all of you. For the incredible effort. I don’t know about anyone else, but my tennis knowledge has really improved vastly, after both the tournaments.

Best Regards

16/10/2019 -Jerrid Gaines and Nina

Hello Goran,

Jerrid and I wish our son could play all of these tournaments.

Ten-Pro is the best organized tournaments and the most enjoyable experience for  players, coaches and families!
Jerrid Gaines and Nina

15/04/2019 – Retief Rautenbach

Good Morning Goran,

I hope You and the Team are all doing great !

Just a short mail to Thank You and the Team for an unbelievable Tournament and experience that we had with You guys at RNA in Mallorca !

We are all back at work and school and busy planning for our next TEN-PRO as India’s school needs to agree and as it is a far journey we need to make the most of it.

Thank You for the opportunity that You and your team gave to India, especially the award that She went home with, You cannot believe the pride, motivation and upliftment that She returned home to Cape Town with. Thank You !

We stayed on at the academy for 2 more weeks where India completed her weekly camps at RNA and She was over the moon to meet two former world number ones Carlos and especially her hero Rafa as well as Jaume Munar and to get to watch them practice every single day are memories She will cherish and take with her for the rest of Her life.

Thank You Goran!

Kind Regards

Retief Rautenbach

15/03/2019 – Karin Ontiveros

Hello Goran,
maybe you remember my son Marco who won the Dutch Bowl this year in U10 and was runner up in U11. He was so enthusiastic about the tournament that he wants to play another tournament of the tour. Therefore you find enclosed the registration form for the BATD Brussels.
I’d like to congratulate you as well for such a great event. Marco already called me (his Mom 🙂 after his second match in Gendringen to tell me how “cool” it is there and that he hopes it’ll never end 🙂 … just like 10 year old children tend to say.
Greetings from southern Germany,
Karin Ontiveros

16/01/2019 – Felipe Berini & his team

Dear Goran:
Thank you very much for your congratulations and the incredible prize offered.
We want to express our gratefulness with you and the Ten-Pro Organization, we loved the tournaments in which we have took part and for sure we’ll repeat this year.
Kind regards,
Felipe Berini and his team!

10/04/2018 – Karen Deegan

Dear Goran,
Just wanted to let you know that Rachel had a wonderful week playing in her first tournament abroad in the beautiful surroundings in the Nadal Academy last week. It was a magnificent experience for her and for us. The event was so well run and all the supervisors so friendly, accommodating and kind that I have suggested to a number of our colleagues in Ireland that they should travel next year. Thank you very much for such happy memories.

Kindest regards, Karen Deegan

09/04/2018 – Ludovic Hangard

Hello Goran and all the Ten-Pro team,

I send you this email to congratulate you on the organization set up during the Mallorca tournament at the Rafa Academy.

It was magic, my daughter Romane, registered in U10 and U11 does not stop talking about the tournament since we returned to France.

 Playing against girls from all over the world was magical, we kept in touch with many players and parents, even if we were opponents during a match.

I registered Romane HANGARD–DECLERCK on the Miami tournament in U10, suddenly, she absolutely wants to do that U11 too.

Is it still possible?

I would also like to register U10 and U11 in France at the Patrick Mouratoglou Academy, is this already possible or should we wait?

Thank you,
Sports greetings,

 Ludovic HANGARD


28/02/2018 – Claudia Groff

Dear Goran,

Thank you and all the Ten-Pro team for yet another great tournament in Holland. Excellent organization, super atmosphere, great facilities!
Thomas learned many valuable lessons we hope will help defining the following months of training and enjoyed very much the tournament.
All the best for you and the team and see you all in Belgium.
Kind regards,
Claudia Groff

12/12/2017 – Adriana & Denis Kurilic

Dear Goran,
We are contacting you from Croatia, yesterday they arrived still under the impression of the tournament! Dora is probably only in the evening became aware when she was able to share her success in the tournament and wonderful experiences with here at home and at the club, she became aware and let all the joy out of her! ? For her, this is a great motivational incentive to train even better and diligently! To live the life of athletes and tennis players with a full heart and passion??
And so, thank you very much for the excellent and professional organization of the tournament and of course your great support!
Nice greeting from Croatia
Dora, Andriana and Denis

04/11/2017 – Dave

Hej Goran,

Now I am seriously REGRETTING not sending my players to Ten-Pro events earlier!!!

They are having a SUPER TIME there in France and at the end of the day this is a MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE than just playing one or two TE matches and flying home.

THANKS for the boys having a great time, Goran… it is a WIN-WIN FOR ALL!!

Cheers, Dave

04/11/2017 – James

Dear Goran
Can I once again thank you and your team for all of your collective efforts last week with the tournament
You are making such a difference to all the players, coaches and parents by providing this world class experience
Well done and please be encouraged!
My Best

04/11/2017 – Claudia and Francois Groff

Dear Goran,

Congratulations for a great tournament, bravo to you and all the organization. Great atmosphere and philosophy.

This week of Ten-Pro was a very good experience for Thomas. The Ten-Pro circuit is the perfect complement to his year federation tournament calendar and a great addition to his development program in the following two to three years.

Good luck with the following projects and see you in the Dutch Bowl.

Kind regards, Claudia and Francois Groff

06/11/2017 – Miguel Corte-Real

Many thanks for organising such a great event this week at Moratoglou – top organisation – all going smooth. My daughter Sofia Corte-Real learned a lot, please count on us to join your future events. Looking forward already to join your next event.
Many thanks again for all your effort in organising such a great event.
Miguel Corte-Real

02/06/2017 – Yvonne Maser

Dear Goran,

Thank you very much for the recently concluded Ten-Pro BATD, my daughter Laura Maser totally enjoyed it and can’t wait to come back to Belgium for the Ten-Pro at Kim Clijsters’ Academy.  Her coach Lenka informed us that it was very well run, professionally organized and overall was an excellent learning experience both on and off the court, we can’t thank you enough!

Best regards,

Yvonne Maser

29/05/2017 – Gabriela Brunclikova

Dear Mr Novakovic,
thank you for the possibility to play the tournament in BATD Brussels, it was a great experience for Petr, very well organised, great atmosphere with very polite people organising the daily schedule and matches.
Apologise for not being able to say goodbye personally but we had to catch up our flight back to Prague on Sunday late evening, so it was very tight with the final ceremony.
Looking forward to another occasion.
Kind regards
Gabriela Brunclikova

29/05/2017 – Marie-Pierre Siraut

Hello Goran
I wanted to thank you and your team for the super tournament in Brussels and especially for arranging timetables and schedule for Louki. This was really much appreciated and confirms your attachment to human and sports values.
Many thanks and see you soon,
Kind regards,
Marie-Pierre Siraut

13/01/2017 – Diana Ivancheva

Hello Goran,

About the Dutch Bowl, I need one week to think about this. We have tournament here on the same time. I know she prefers to participate in your tournament. More of her tennis friends will be there. One of the best tennis memories for her are in Dutch Bowl in Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. She was not 1st there but this tournament gave to her more then the 1st place. YOU DO SOMETHING VERY HUGE WITH THIS TOURNAMENT FOR THE NEXT TENNIS GENERATION!!!! WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU!!

I need one week to think if will be possible Nicole to participate in Dutch Bowl. I hope this will be not late for you.


Diana Ivancheva

23/11/2016 – Gloria

Thank you Goran! And again congratulations for your tournament! It has been a great experience for Ludovico and I appreciated the tournament formula as a parent and tennis school manager. We hope we can arrange to come to your next tournament in Mallorca!
Kindest regards,

19/08/2016 – Natalia Slahayeva

Dear Mr. Novakovic,

Thank you very much for your invitation to your tournament. The Ten-Pro tournaments are always held at a very high level and I am sure that the next tournament in August in Germany will be as great as previous ones.
In the tournament in Brussels which Aliaxandra attended we noted certain progress in her development as well as her drawbacks. And we need some time to fix them. The results of our advance we also could check while participating in the tournaments in Belarus, where Aliaxandra won the first place three times. We see in these achievements and your credit.
We’ll be happy to get the invitation to the next Ten-Pro tournament and have the chance to show all our achievements.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Natalia Slahayeva.

26/07/2016 – Predrag Mutavdzic

Dear Mr. Novakovic,

I would like to thank you on and your dedicated Team for all your efforts and professionalism that has gone into organising the Kim Clijsters Next Generation Cup. It was an immensely enjoyable week that brought energy and great competitive atmosphere among the kids and everyone had a really good time. I would also like to thank KC Academy staff for being so welcoming down to earth and responsive to our needs in every way and, last but not least, living legend herself, Kim for being among the kids throughout the duration of the tournament.

Memories of the KC Next Generation Cup will stay with me for a long time.

BIG Thank You from Matilda!

Predrag Mutavdzic

08/04/2016 – Vincent Brady

Dear Goran,

That’s great news for Ten Pro, you should be very proud of what you have put together, the influence your organisation has had on kids around Europe has been massive, the Dutch Bowl was a huge inspiration to Jack and whilst his results have not shown any improvement, his style of play has definitely improved and that is by far the most important thing at this stage, looking forward to Brussels, I am going to be at Base too but Kim might be a bit too much for me, ( and it way beyond tennis what you have produced, Jack has made so many European friends) , have a great weekend Vinny

24/01/2016 – Sabine Woydt

Dear Goran,

Thank you for all your detailed mails again!
I would like to confirm the participation for Eva Maria Woydt/Austira on Ten Pro International Batd Brussels in Belgium

It is really a pleasure and a great challenge for my daughter to play at your fantastic tournament!
Thank you for everything!!

Looking forward seeing you in Brussel
Sabine Woydt

15/01/2016 – Rowena Leenders

Beste Goran,

Hierbij wil ik graag Kyvan Rietkerk inschrijven voor jullie toernooi in de 2005 groep in Belgie van 25 t/ 28 mei!

Nogmaals heel erg bedankt voor de super organisatie en het geweldig plannen!
Ook mijn complimenten aan de dames van de wedstrijdtafel!

Veel succes met de laatste rondes en de afsluiting en tot in Belgie!

Vriendelijke Grt
Rowena Leenders (mama Kyvan Rietkerk)

29/11/2015 – Niroshan San

Hi Goran,
Thank you for the invitation, sorry about the late response.
Dharani is playing in the National selection tournaments during the same time in Canada. She will.not be able to participate in Nedhalands.
Also I wanted to thank you for organising such a fantastic tournament in Turkey. It was a lot if fun and my Daughter had such a great time and made new friends.

09/09/2015 – Mark Carruthers

Hi Goran
I have just been at the latest Ten-Pro event in Germany with one of my students – Eva Woydt from Austria.
As a coach who has been to every level of junior tournament I have to say that our first experience of your new circuit was eye-opening.
Your concept and vision is first-class and this was the most professional and best officiated junior tournament I have ever been to.
I and evas parents cant applaud you enough for this fantastic idea as I feel such a circuit has been badly needed for a long time in order to provide a bridge between local competition for talented young kids and the tennis europe circuit.
I hope to see you in Turkey.
Mark Carruthers

08/09/2015 – Mark & Cathelijne Verbeek

Dear Goran,Rodney and Ruben

We trust you are now in recovery from your efforts over the last week …

This is just a short note to thank you all, and the wider team at Pro-Ten and Base Tennis, for providing an outstanding tournament; together with coaching and encouragement for our son Owen Verbeek.

This was Owen’s first experience of tournament match play, clay and indoor courts … all valuable learning experiences given the lack of opportunity in a small country such as Bahrain. These experiences together with the understanding gained from others as to the commitment needed to become stronger in the sport, has certainly given a very positive motivation to Owen.

All of this coupled with the atmosphere that you have collectively generated amongst the players, parents and coaches was excellent … so thank you once again, and we hope to see you all again at a similar event in the not too distant future …

Best regards,

Mark & Cathelijne

Kingdom of Bahrain

03/09/2015 –  Yuri Petrov

Dear Goran!

I want to thank once again for the excellent organization of the tournament in Germany.
Everything was amazing.


Yuri Petrov. (Rus)

02/09/2015 – Pernille

Dear Goran,
Firstly a big congratulations to a perfectly run tournament in France. You and your team did a great job for the whole week. Apparently you are already a legend in the tennis world in Holland, according to the parents of your Dutch team, so I guess soon you will be in Europe as well!!!

My son, Oscar, told me this was his best ever tournament week and really enjoyed the interaction with the other kids as well as the tennis.

As we are planning the summer for tennis and holiday I would like to request the information on the next tournament in Germany in August that you are arranging so we can plan our schedule to come to this event.

With kind regards


02/09/2015 – Lotta Forste

Hello Goran!

My son Noa had a wonderful time in Biot and we keep our fingers crossed that you’ll arrange another 11 and under there in the spring of 2016.

So don’t give up on us!

Best regards
Lotta Forste

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