Dear player(s), parent(s) & coach(es),
After we officially received the new, stricter Corona measures by the Finnish government in response with current pandemics COVID situation and the letter from the HVS Tennis, our event host site (Attached) we are forced to POSTPONE our upcoming FINLAND BOWL by TEN-PRO in February 2022.

This development and decision will be a big disappointment for you, participants of the FINLAND BOWL by TEN-PRO. It is also a big disappointment for us; the HVS and TEN-PRO staff. However, and this needs no clarification, your well being and health is of the utmost importance hence this decision!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (contact the Ten-Pro team via whatsapp +31 6 22 11 88 57).
At the end it is our goal to create the place where champions started!

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy.

With kind regards,

TEN-PRO team

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