Dear player(s), parent(s) & coach(es),
After the Dutch government yesterday announced & published the new set of health restrictions (due to Covid-19 pandemics) and extended the lockdown, all tennis events in the Netherlands will be suspended at least until and including Tuesday 20 April 2021.
The consequence of all these measurements is that we are forced TO CHANGE THE DATE of our upcoming DUTCH BOWL by TEN-PRO.
The new tournament date is: 18-24 DECEMBER 2021
Due to this change of date, we offer players (those who are still registered in the tournament) the following options:
1. Your full registration fee will remain and can be transferred to the new date (18-24 DECEMBER 2021)
2. Your full registration fee will remain and can be used for any of the TEN-PRO tournaments in future by your choice, WITHOUT ANY TIME LIMIT (for example it can be in 2021, 2022 or in ….) register as usual.
Your well being and health is of the utmost importance hence this decision! We hope to welcome you all, in good health at the DUTCH BOWL in December!


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