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At Rafa Nadal Academy the Ten-Pro Global Junior Tour introduced “Coaching-on-court” for the first time! Of course we and Wilson were very enthusiastic about this new concept, question of course was are the players, trainers and parents as enthusiastic as we are?

Some reviews:
Anna Kargina from Latvia / parent:
“Personally I’m very enthusiastic about this concept. Especially in this age! Consequent is however that matches develop differently after on-court-coaching” Bottom-line it’s valuable contribution!”

Valeri Iagolnic / Valan Tennis Academy / Toronto Canada:
“Great initiative!! I think that due to coaching-on-court players develop faster!”

Ovidiu B. Meinertz / Hellerup Tennis Club / Denmark:
“Coaching-on-court is very good for the developing of our pupils. I’m very enthusiastic regarding this initiative! This is the ideal learning situation. It’s a pity not all pupils have trainers or coaches with them (parents shoot stay of the tennis court as much as possible) but no reason however to stop coaching-on-court.”

Rawle Cottle from Canada / parent:
“I coached my own son. It is however up to the parents to decide whether you are able to coach your child or not. One should avoid too much emotional involvement. Players learn on court to improve their tennis!” Bottom-line I’m very positive!!”

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