TEN-PRO Ranking System


  1. Starting 2018 every player on our tour can score points for the results achieved in our tournaments. At the end of the tour this will result in a TEN-PRO ranking. With your ranking you can earn your reward such as a trainings week at Rafa Nadal Academy, a sponsor contract with Wilson, tennis materials, wild cards and many other prizes from our proud sponsors and partners.
  2. The top 5 players* in the final TEN-PRO ranking (end of the tour) will be rewarded with prizes according to their position on the ranking.
  3. The TEN-PRO Junior Tour starts in January of each year and ends in December of the same year.
  4. Points are counted per participant, per category.
  5. In case two players finish the tournament at the same position the following formula regarding the TEN-PRO Ranking System will apply: A + B /2 = the number of points they can win for the TEN-PRO Ranking System.
  6. In case two or more players finish at the same position in the final ranking (at the end of the tour year) their final position in the ranking will be determined by  lottery (lottery takes place on January 15th. of each year). *In case more than 5 prices in one category are needed, additional prices can be added to this category by TEN-PRO management. *It’s not possible to receive the same price twice in one tour. Under these circumstances TEN-PRO management decides on the second price.
  7. In case a player loses his/her position in the ranking, all the players from that position down move one position up.
  8. In case a player has to withdraw from the tournament due to unforeseen circumstances (such as injury, sickness, withdrawals, early departure from the tournament, etc.) the last position taken by the player in the concerning tournament is applicable to determine the number of points the player can win for the TEN-PRO Ranking System.
  9. In exceptional circumstances the TEN-PRO management is authorized to cancel matches or declare matches “not played”.
  10. After each tournament, the latest ranking will be published.
  11. TEN-PRO management reserves all rights in unforeseen situations to take appropriate and final decision at that moment.


* In near future TEN-PRO will expand this number to the top 10 players in the final TEN-PRO ranking!


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