Tournament regulations

General regulations

  1. The Ten-Pro organizes Ten-Pro Global Junior Tour at RAFA NADAL ACADEMY by movistar (here in after called TP-RNA 2017) for the age categories born 2002 up to and 2007. (in exceptional cases also for born in 2008) NOTE:Registration for participating in two categories is also possible in that case we guaranteed 8 matches! (in your own category plus an one EXTRA older age category). This request should be send to for the attention of Goran Novakovic.
  2. All players are guaranteed to play at least 4 single matches!
  3. The TP-RNA 2017 will be played from Saturday 25th up to and including Friday 31th March 2017.
  4. The following age categories are going to play: Born 2007,2006,2005,2004,2003,2002 in both competition (Boys and Girls)
  5. The winners of the semi-finals play the A-final. The losers of the semi-finals play the B-final. (3rd and 4th places)
  6. All matches will be played for 2 won sets, a tie break will be played with the score at 6-6.

By the score 40:40 (deuce) Sudden Death Point will decide it winner of gem, the recipient chooses the side.

On -court coaching

7- Provided the following rules and procedures are followed, a player may request that her coach go on-court during a match to provide coaching.

1. Designation Procedures

a. Both players may designate an on-court coach, one (1) coach per player is permitted on court.

b. A player can change and use a different coach during a match/tournament.

2. On-Court Coaches

a. On-court coaches are subject to Code of Conduct,including theprovisions relating to player on-court behavior.

b. On-court coaches should dress and present themselves in a professional manner. They must wear appropriate attire.Tracksuits and t-shirts will be permitted. Whether a coach is dressed professionally shall be at the sole discretion of the Supervisor and Referee and shall not be appealable. If a coach is asked to change and fails to do so, it shall result in his/her on-court coaching privileges being removed for that match.

c. If On-court coache behaved aggressively of unacceptable in any way he/she will be not be allowed to participate in on-court coaching for the remainder of the Tournament.

d. On-court coaches may converse in their chosen language.

e. On-court coaches should sit in the designated coaching seats to allow easy and quick access to the court. The coach must use the official court entrance to get onto the court and can under no circumstances climb the stands or jump over fences, which may result in his/her on-court coaching privileges being removed.

f. On-court coaches shall only provide verbal assistance/advice during the on-court coaching period and are not permitted to bring any articles (i.e., food, drinks, equipment, or medical supplies) into the court to provide to their player(s). Notes may be brought into the court but may not be left with the player.

g. On-court coaches must leave the court immediately upon the Supervisor or Chair Umpire announcing “Time”.

h. On-court coaches may not provide coaching or communicate with a player outside of the court. Coaches are subject to the normal coaching rules outside the court coaching procedures and may be penalised in accordance to the Penalty Point system.

3. On-Court Coaching Requests

a. On-court coaching requests must be made to the Supervisor or Chair Umpire.

b. During a match, a player can request her coach at the following times:

i.Once per set (at the end of a set). A set break will count as part of the set that just finished;*

c. On-court coaching can start from when the coach is called to court or when the player leaves the court, respectively.

ii. On-court coaching maximum time allowed is 120 seconds (two minutes).

iii.In case of violation of time Coaches may be penalised in accordance to the Penalty Point System. Or may result in his/her on-court coaching privileges being removed.

d. For the rest of the match verbal or gesticulated coaching during the match is not permitted and can lead to violation of the rules (PPS: violation of the rules, coaching outside On-Court coaching time).

e. If a player makes an on-court coaching request without Supervisor or Chair Umpire (her opponent) asking or taking a change of attire/toilet break, such request will count as her one (1) allowed on-court coaching request for that set, regardless of whether her opponent also makes a request for her coach.

f. During a match, a player can only make one (1) of the following requests at the same time: (i) on-court coaching request; (ii) request for a MTO; or (iii) request for a toilet/change of attire break.

Registration and acceptance

  1. Registration for TP-RNA 2017 only by e-mail: f.a.o. Goran Novakovic.
  2. Registration for TP-RNA 2017 closes on March 18th 2017 at 14.00.
  3. Participants are to be stand by on the dates and the times mentioned in these tournament regulations.
  4. Acceptance on the basis of the acceptance criteria of Ten-Pro.
  5. Registration fee is € 95.00 (per category) and should be transferred to Ten-Pro within one weeks after acceptance. After payment you receive a final acceptance of your player.
  6. Participants are obliged to pay the registration fee for each discipline in which they are accepted, independent of participation.
  7. In case of absence Ten-Pro (+ 31 6 2211 8857) should be informed as soon as possible.
  8. Standbies for all age categories can be called up until the draw for the TP-RNA 2017. Standbies are called up on the basis of Ten-Pro tournament regulations.

Seeding, draw and start

  1. Seeding takes place before the start of the matches of TP-RNA 2017 with in the Ten-Pro’s technical staff’s responsibility.
  2. The draw for each age category is at the latest on the day prior to the first day of play for the age category concerned.
  3. The result of the draw, the scheduled starting times of the first roundand the scheme of who plays on which court are published on &
  4. The openings ceremony will take place on Thursday the 24th March at 18.00 o’clock at Rafa Nadal Academy , Mallorca, Spain. We ask all players, parents and coaches to be present at the ceremony.
  5. Prior to the first match the participant doesn’t get a written notice, a notice by telephone or a notice by e-mail. The participant is informed about further matches during the tournament. The participant has to report at the desk to get the necessary information.
  6. For each day of the match those in charge of the tournament drawup an order of play. Participants themselves are responsible for the progress of the matches and have to report to those in charge, ready to play as soon as the courts allotted to them are free. ‘Ready to play’ means: all preparations should then be made and the participants should be able to start the matches immediately.
  7. A participant has to report at the desk immediately after having arrived at the tennis courts and this should be done at least 60 minutes before the start of the match.
  8. Participants are obliged to hand over their passports or id-cards to the management of the tournament prior to play in gtheir first matches, when they are asked to do so. Participants who check in too late are disqualified, unless the management decides otherwise.
  9. The matches start at 8.00 a.m. every day. The last matches of the day start or continue no later than 8.00 p.m.
  10. Should a participant not be ready to play 10 minutes after being called up by the management or should he/she not be ready to play when the, as per order of play, allotted court is free, the match is won by the opponent. In exceptional cases, the management could deviate from this particular regulation and could allow the match in question to be played.
  11. Participants are obliged to start playing the match at the by the management appointed time, even if there is no supervisor/umpire. The supervisor/umpire will be appointed by the head-umpire or by the management.
  12. Possible alterations in the order of play, the days of the matches or the playing times during the TP-RNA 2017, can be found on &
  13. Every participant himself is responsible for being informed about the order of play, the days of the matches and the playing times.

Physical and legal condition

  1. We will specifically remind you that it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they are fit and healthy. You can only play if you are in a good state of health.

Each player individually is responsible for their own insurance during the tournament.

Ten-Pro Global Junior Tour as the organizer can not be held responsible in any case!

Players themselves are totally responsible for organizing of this travel, accommodation insurance , and all other costs associated with this tournament.

Ten-Pro is excluded in case of any misuse of this above-mentioned.

  1. This tournament will be played on clay and hard courts. (depending on the category).
  2. The matches will be played with the all courts tennis balls. Warming up balls will not be provided by the organisation.
  3. The management is authorized to move a match to another court, even when the match has already started.
  4. Tournament Director and management: See factsheet

Other regulations

  1. During the tournament the Penalty Points System is enforced. The regulations concerning managerial offences apply.

The supervisor/umpire is responsible for the implementation of the “PPS’. Besides, he reproves the participant who breaks the rules of the game.

  1. The TP-RNA will hold participants responsible for all damage (e.g. fouling or vandalizing) to the facilities caused by the participants.
  2. By submitting the entry form the participant indicates that he has taken notice of these general tournament regulations of the TP-RNA, and that they have been accepted unconditionally.
  3. In cases not covered by these general tournament regulations, the tournament management make a decision after consulting and with the approval of Ten-Pro.
  4. Where in these regulations the he-form is used, the she-form is alsomeant, unless the purpose of the clause should suggest otherwise.
  5. The registration deadline is November 28th 2016 at 14.00. 50% refunds are available prior to Oktober 01st 2016. After this date you may send an alternate to the event without additional charge. (of course in the same category and at least at the same quality level player – which must undergo selection of Ten-Pro) Following this date, no refunds will be given. To request a cancellation or to make a change please send an email to the Event Planner at
  6. Further information concerning the TP-RNA can be obtained on
  7. The Ten-Pro management is authorized to make all the necessary changes above-mentioned in order to maintain the tournament successfuly.  & &


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