Date                                                    : Sunday 01th April up to and including Saturday 07th April 2018

Location                                            : Rafa Nadal Academy by movistar

Address                                             : Torre dels Enagistes, Manacor , Mallorca 07500, Illes Balears, Spain


Tournament organisation             : TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour & Rafa Nadal Academy by movistar

Tournament director                     : Goran Novakovic (Tel. +31 6 2211 8857)

Tournament desk                           : Sandra Vorwerk

Marketing & communication      : Carina Kaak

Head referee                                   : Gerwin Gruben

Physiotherapist                              : Will be added on Sunday 01th of April 2018.



Tournament structure:

The TEN-PRO organizes TEN-PRO at RAFA NADAL ACADEMY by movistar for the age categories U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 and U15 (born 2003 up to and 2010) in both competition (Boys and Girls).

We guarantee every player a minimum of 4 or 8 single matches in the tournament! * See general regulation

NOTE: Registration for participating in two categories is also possible in that case we guaranteed 8 matches! (in your own category plus one EXTRA older age category). This request should be send to proglobus@live.nl for the attention of Goran Novakovic.


The tournament results are counted by UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) https://universaltennis.com/

The tournament results are counted by TEN-PRO RANKING SYSTEM ” Score your points and earn your reward www.ten-pro.net

Starting 2018 every player on our tour can score points for the results they achieve in our tournaments. At the end of the year this will result in a TEN-PRO ranking. With your ranking you can earn your reward such as a trainingsweek at Rafa Nadal Academy, a sponsor contract with Wilson, tennis materials, wild cards and many other prizes from our proud sponsors and partners


On-Court coaching is allowed during the tournament (In the practice this means coach or parent as a coach is allowed to come on court during a changeover once per set, only at the end of a set, maximum of 2 minutes).

During a match, a player can request her coach at the following times:

Once per set (Only at the end of a set)

  1. a) Requests must be made to the Supervisor or Chair Umpire.
  2. b) Maximum time allowed is 120 seconds (two minute).
  3. c) Must leave the court immediately upon the Supervisor or Chair Umpire announcing “Time”.
  4. d) In case of any violation of time Coaches may be penalized in accordance

to the Ten-Pro Penalty Point system. Or may result in his/her on-court coaching

privileges being removed.

  1. e) For the rest of the match verbal or gesticulated coaching during the match is not permitted and can lead to violation of the rules (PPS: violation of the rules, coaching outside On-Court coaching time).

By delay:

If delayed please make direct contact with Ten-Pro (+ 31 6 2211 8857)

Max. total number of participants: 400


Rafa Nadal Academy by movistar, Spain

Proof of identity:

Each participant must be in possession of a valid passport (or identity card) and must show this to the tournament leaders when signing in.

Play rules:

All matches will be played for 2 won sets, a tie break will be played with the score at 6-6

By the score 40:40 (deuce) Sudden Death Point will decide it winner of gem, the returner chooses the side.

There will be matches to decide the 3rd and 4th places.

The “followed-by” system will be used during tournament.

The openings ceremony:

The openings ceremony will take place on Saturday the 31th March at 18.00 o’clock at Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. We ask all players, parents and coaches to be present at the ceremony.

Check in:

All participants are required to check in with the tournament leaders directly on arrival.

A participant has to report at the desk immediately after having arrived at the tennis courts and this should be done at least 60 minutes before the start of the match.

The draw:

The draw will take place per age group, at the latest on the day before the first playing day for that age group. The outcome from the draw, the start times for the first round and the court order of play for each day of play will be published on www.tournamentsoftware.com on www.ten-pro.net and on tennis club site.

Warming up and training:

After consultation with the organisation.

Tennis balls:

Matches will be played with Wilson regular all courts balls. Warming up balls will not be provided by the organisation.

Type of court:

The matches will be played on hard and clay courts (depending on the category).

Rules of conduct:

The PPS (punishment points system) will be used (see Players instruction)

Code of conduct:

We respectfully but specifically request that the changing rooms are kept as clean and tidy as possible during the tournament. Ten-Pro and Rafa Nadal Academy will hold participants responsible for any damage to the accommodation incurred by them (including damage and littering).


During the competition tennis clothing is required.

Physical and legal condition:

We will specifically remind you that it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that they are fit and healthy. You can only play if you are in a good state of health.

Each player individually is responsible for their own insurance during the tournament.

TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour as the organizer can not be held responsible in any case!

Players themselves are totally responsible for organizing of this travel, accommodation insurance, visa (if necessary) and all other costs associated with this tournament.

TEN-PRO is excluded in case of any misuse of this above-mentioned.

Entry fees:

The entry fee is € 95,00 per participant (per category). Participation is only possible if the parent/guardian agrees to the method of payment and that the payment is made to Ten-Pro within one (1) week after being requested.


The Rafa Nadal residence is the official players hotel. During the tournament the hotel offers the players accommodation at a special rate for an overnight. For more information see: www.ten-pro.net (the Information package) or reservations@rnsportscentre.com & Tel : +34 971 171 680

General information:

Ensure enough time is taken to complete your journey, the possibility of road works can cause delays. Too late checking in with the tournament leaders can result in exclusion from the tournament.

Website: www.ten-pro.net & http://www.ten-pro.nl/nadal/

During the TEN-PRO at RAFA NADAL ACADEMY by movistar the results and possible changes will be updated daily. www.tournamentsoftware.com and on www.ten-pro.net


Social Media:

Follow us at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

For questions or comments: proglobus@live.nl


The TEN-PRO management is authorized to make all the necessary changes above-mentioned in order to maintain the tournament successfuly.


The closing date for registration is fixed on March 24th 2018 at 14.00.

For all other necessary information about the tournament please visit us at http://www.ten-pro.nl

TEN-PRO team

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