Dear player(s), parent(s) & coach(es),
After we have received an official letter from BATD (attached) our event host site, AFT, Belgium Tennis Federation official announcement and the ITF, International Tennis Federation (attached)  published the official announcement that, with immediate effect, all tennis tournaments will be suspended up to and including the 8th of June 2020. For more information: Also in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the current situation in Belgium is “Lock down” without being able to host any sport event, unknown at this moment until when!

The consequence of all these measurements is that, to our great regrets but completely understandable, we are forced to cancel our upcoming TEN-PRO tournament at the BATD, Brussels from 19 to 24 of May 2020.

Due to this cancelation, we offer players (those who are still registered in the tournament) two options:
  1. Your full registration fee will remain and can be used for one of the upcoming TEN-PRO tournaments by your choice within the next 24 months (TEN-PRO program 2020 attached – register as usual).
  2. We will refund your registration fee to your account. For more info send email to
This development and decision will be a big disappointment for you, participants of the TEN-PRO tournament at BATD Brussels. It is also a big disappointment for us; the BATD and TEN-PRO staff. However, and this needs no clarification, your well being and health is of the utmost importance hence this decision!
We hope to welcome you all soon again, in good health, at one of the upcoming TEN-PRO tournaments! At the end it is our goal to create the place where champions started!

We hope that we have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


This e-mail is digitally signed and is valid without a handwritten signature.

Kind regards,

Goran Novakovic

Tournament Director

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